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My name is Courtney Diaz and I go by KappaColors online. I have been creating art since I was seven-years-old when I was inspired by the doodle of my teenage babysitter. Over the years, I learned to improve my skills in anatomy, perspective, and eventually found my own art style! I love to create illustrative art the most such as cute child-like traditional drawings that you might see in a child's storybook, but I've also chosen to include in this website other styles I've used over the years and still occasionally use today in order to give you a bigger picture of my skills. It is fairly easy for me to adapt my art style given the situation or project. If you choose to work with me, you can rest assure that I am reliable, flexible, and skillful enough to help you in your next project. It is a pleasure to meet you!

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Please get in touch with me directly for questions regarding my work, commissions or project proposals. I look forward to connecting.

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